In Which I Met Princess Etoinette

I met Princess Etoinette at my post box, I dutifully invited her into my humble abode where I have been swooning over her for a few weeks now. Eventually, I managed to make myself use it…..

This cutesy and adorable plastic clad lipstick is made by the Korean cosmetics brand Etude House. I received the Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips in shade POR202 to try which is a very pretty peach pink shade.

The lipstick is scented with a light rosy fragrance/stink that is bearable as it dissipates soon after application. 

This is an interesting lipstick. It seems to be creamy with a bit of extra fine smooth shimmer, sheerness and glossiness to it all at the same time which makes it comparable to the Lavshuca Melting Rouge Bar. However, it is not quite as moisturising or pigmented.

Funny enough, I haven’t a colour like this in my current collection. Initially, I thought it would be close to NARS Barbarella but it is cooler and pinkier.

| Etude House |

\ This item was sent to me to try for review purposes \