Fit For Lips & Cheeks

I adore gel products that provide a tint of colour and (in my head at least) give a nice summery, fresh healthy looking glow. So it is no real surprise that I found myself with this promising pair.

\ Revlon Baby Sticks

Fit “for lips and cheeks” say Revlon. “I beg to differ” say I! 

Okay, perhaps that comment is a little unfair. Let me explain. I have 2 of these and for items from the very same line, their perform very differently.

The pink shade is Pink Passion and it is a chunky likkle gem. A perfect hit of pigment and works a treat on my cheeks though I think oiler skins may find this a wee bit greasy.

The red shade is Sunset and actually nothing like a magical lively vibrant sunset and more akin to the “what sunset” sunset that we often see in wintery London. A huge disappointment for my cheeky expectations.

However, now that I know that Pink Passion is great for a flushed blush, there is no way that I will be putting it anyway near my lips! Flipping that around, I will not waste my disappointing Sunset and will be using it as a tinted lip balm, a job that it works much better at incidentally. 

So there you have it. If you were planning on buying Sunset, I suggest that you make like Dionne Warwick and walk on by! I conclude that Revlon should probably relabel these as follows: “for lips OR cheeks perhaps not both”.