Black Sands and Memories Nearly Forgotten

I am a HUGE fan of Future Primitive Soaps! 

I love the less common, imaginative blends that Tiggy comes up with. If ever you are in any doubt about how creative a person can get with soap, look no further! Your search has ended.

I recently bought a couple of scrubs, it is summer after all and one must shed lacklustre old winter skin. Among the pair was Black Sands.

I admit I have not been very kind about patchouli scented items in the past. I may have called such things the “essence of hippy” or other silly things. However, here I am happy smelling like a hippy and loving every bit of it because I have learned that patchouli has to be treated right and it will smell beautiful.

Future Primitive’s Black Sands Sugar Buff is described as:

The purest, darkest Black Patchouli oil. 
An essence to completely wash away all negativity & stress, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed

For me, it is the smell of my last holiday with my mum. We went to Mombasa and stayed in a little cottage for a month or so. I had the habit of discarding my soggy beach towel on a pile of drying coconut leaves where it would dry in the glowering sun and absorb the scent of the slightly musky, earthy leaves and mingle with the wispy salty air, perhaps a bit of rain and the remains of my body cream. By morning I had a curious smelling towel.

Mum would get upset and scold me me for my lackadaisical ways and I would sniff my towel and smile.

I had nearly forgotten this memory till I showered with my put of Black Sands. I may have to get another!

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