The Adventures of Hello Kitty in Japan….

That Kitty certainly gets around!

She has been accompanied me through my life (thanks to my Kitty crazy grandmother) and now seems to make an appearance in most places I pitch up in Japan.  It seems that she attempts to disguise herself in local regalia but she cannot fool me! I see Kitty!!

These charms/mascots are called Gotochi Kitty in Japanese and feature a local themed Hello Kitty. They originated in Hokkaido Japan about 11 years and have increased in popularity ever since.

I have accumulated a nice little collection of these Hello Kitty area and location exclusive charms that can only be found in designated localities throughout Japan. I pick them up at service stations or gift shops much to the bemusement of my travel companions. Quite frankly, I just cannot stop myself.

+ Okinawa Hello Kitty +

+ Nara Hello Kitty +

+ Gunma Hello Kitty +

+ Arashiyama Hello Kitty +

+ Skytree Hello Kitty +

+ Shiga Hello Kitty +

+ Mitsukoshi London Hello Kitty +

These London Routemaster charms are only available from Mitsukoshi in London. There are actually 3 variations and I need to have them all!

I hope you have enjoyed this little look through my assortment of Gotochi. Which is your favourite? Do you have any? 

Let me know if you fancy doing a swap for one of the London versions! I would to have more!!