Still wearing….

I am not the sort of blogger that buys things solely for displaying on my blog. I haven’t the funds or the mindset to pursue such a lavish lifestyle. So, I often find myself wearing garments that have appeared on my blog over and over again. To me at least, this is confirmation that these items were worth the pennies and proof that they have retained a certain stylishness that still appeals to me….

This jumper for example was purchased way back in  2011. It’s still in good nick and I still love it because it has such a fab weight to it…oh and the colour! It’s made an appearance once before when I visited the Hell Fire Club of 1746 | Here |

The necklace I made myself and is a version of one currently in my Stranger London Fushigi Shop | Here |.

The skirt I bought recently in a second hand shop for £5-£8 (cant quite recall). It’s a good fit and I can see myself wearing it for a long time yet. 

My shoes are from Kate Kanzier of Leather Lane and they have trodden the dir’y London streets with me for years. The socks are from Tabio UK and these leggings were bought in Japan in 2010. 

And as for this leather jacket, it is much like an old friend now. It has been with me for 5/6 years and it seems to magically look better with each year that passes.

These photos were taken in my endz, in Hackney infront of a mash-up storage house type thing. I like these raggedy backgrounds.