Red Tomatoes

Napoli is very high up on my travel wish list. From what I hear and from what I read, it ticks plenty of boxes, good weather, food, architecture, rough around the edges, good food. Did I mention food?

Italian friends of ours mentioned that Rosso Pomodoro in Covent Garden serves pretty good food sometime ago. We eventually swung by last week.

+ Rosso Pomodoro, Covent Garden, London +

Hiro and I like people that love their food. We like people that care about good food and understand the joy of fresh seasonal regional ingredients. People who are passionate about the food from their homelands believing that it is the best food in the world, are our kind of people! We like people who cook with heart and serve food with pride. So it is that we have found an affinity with Italian people and we are always seeking out good Italian restaurants in the hope of learning more about this wonderful food culture.

Tagliatella – Taglietelle with minced meat in a tomato ragu served with parmesan cheese.

Perfectly cooked with a substantial sauce with a rich tomato taste. My only criticism is that the portion was quite mean. A little more would have been marvellous. You don’t get such lively tasting tomatoes growing here.

Pizze Scarpetta – cherry tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan cheese shavings and fresh basil.

This was highly recommended by our waitress and she was not wrong. It was delightful. Rosso Pomodoro have their mozzarella and tomatoes flown in from Napoli twice a week and the fresh taste and sun-ripened juiciness must be testament to that.

Our beverages were also interesting. I had a Gazzosa which is made from lemons from the Amalfi. Hiro went for the Chinotto. In case you have never heard of chinotto, (we had only ever come across this once before), it is a variety of citrus fruit known also as the “myrtle-leaved orange tree” which to me, sounds quite magical. Chinotto is cola coloured and has a peculiar taste. It is intense, aromatic and not so sweet. I think it may also be used as a flavouring in Campari? Anyway, I like it. I wish I could get hold of it more easily as this would be a perfect thirst quencher and reviver for hot weather.

A friend of mine (hello Enrico!) tells me that the Lurisa drinks company is noteworthy as they are known for exceptionally good bottled water. They also make traditional Italian beverages that are now regaining popularity at home. I like the labels. They are super cool!

All in all, we enjoyed our experience at the Rosso Pomodoro. It was unpretentious, not too expensive, delicious and the service was attentive, informative but relaxed (I dislike hovering waiting staff. Very good for a small chain I say.

I shall pen-off with a quote from their website…

 Where we’re from, amazing ingredients bursting with flavour are normal. Only harvesting those ingredients locally, using traditional methods? That was normal too. 
You can imagine we were pretty surprised when we found out the rest of the world called this ‘ethically sourced’ and ‘responsibly harvested’.

+ Rosso Pomodoro +
50 – 52 Monmouth Street, London WC2H 9EP