I’ll Bring You Flowers.

When I was a sprightly young thing, my sole preoccupation on weekends and school holidays used to be associated with the climbing of huge trees. I am not quite as physically able as I once was yet I still cannot resist clambering over low hanging branches.

Still intent on wearing my self made things about the place, here I am in a dress that I made and my newest bag creation.

The dress is a very simple garment made with 2 types of black cloth. The lower section is bamboo silk and the upper section is a cotton crepe. The dress is sewn in a similar manner to kimono in that it is made of a series of rectangles and straight stitching. It was fun to make and it came together nicely. 

When making bags for my little shop, I always make the 1st one for myself. I then cart it about the place to see how it feels, how it works and how it holds. It serves as a sample from which I can make improvements upon. So, if ever you catch me staring at my bag……I am deep in thought and not quite mad, yet.

The Mahamri bag is my newest bag. I have called it thus because its shape is based on a Swahili donut that I enjoyed as a child.

Mahamri has a sort of fan shape to it and is larger and more roomer than any bag that I have made for my shop so far. I have made the bag so that it is firm but flexible and has double stitching throughout to give it extra strength at the seams.

I have lined the bag too. In this case, I have used a soft blue twill to match the outer floral linen print. The bag also has a magnetic clasp closure at the middle. After getting a feel for it and getting upset with my lack of foresight. I have made note and have gone on to make some improvements like making giving the bag a firm bottom! 

Puns aside, this gives extra strength to the bag and helps it hold its shape much better (not entirely different to humans come to think of it). I have also added a pocket for the safe keeping of small items like a phone and a little loop for the attaching of cuteness!

My Mahamri bag will be making an appearance in my shop in the next few days (though I may sneak one in later today). One by one they will pop up in various textures and colours as always they will be very limited in quantity. 

Thanks to everyone on Twitter who have been really encouraging along my chosen path these past few days. Your kindness has been immense and really helps to me push on with making new things. THANK YOU!

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