Crush Me! I like it.

I have been scraping what little courage I can find lurking at the bottom of my barrel of bravery and sticking my two least polite fingers up at conventional clothing by wearing my attempts at dressmaking out in public,  slightly wonky hems and all!

Dressmaking is a skill that I am determined (with all my might) to master. I have a long long way to go but this is a satisfying road to plod upon and I am certain that the more I make, the more I will learn and with any luck…the better I will get!

I came across some linen going cheap in my local fabric shop. The colour of the cloth was a deep berry shade that I found impossible to resist.

I like linen. I like the soft way that it crushes and creases. I also like the way that it breathes, drapes, flows and moves. I  learned recently that linen is one of the oldest textiles used by man and there is evidence of linen production dating as far back 4000 years, it was even used to wrap ancient Egyptian mummies. Fast forward to today and it wraps me too!

I used the Merchant Mills Trapeze Dress pattern in a size up from my normal size because I like loose fitting clothes for the summer and also because I like dresses that can be layered and that also allow free and easy movement. (The photo above was taken as the wind was blowing so the dress looks more voluminous that it actually is)

I think the linen was a good pairing for this pattern. I am sorry that I have not shown the whole dress this time. It was just a bit too nippy for nekkid arms!

I wore my dress with black leggings from Tabio, white leather pumps from New Look a long sleeved T-shirt from Uniqlo and an open back blouse (4 sizes too big) from COS.

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