Cream Clean

My Beauty Diary is my favourite Taiwanese brand at the moment. I have long loved their sheet masks and I now find myself delving into more of their offerings as they continue to up their game and widen their skincare range.

| My Beauty Diary Aloe Amino Acid Cleanser |

The cleanser comes in a little tub much like one that might be filled with ice cream! 

The tub of stuff does comes with a little spatula in an attempt to keep things clean.  The cleanser is dense, thick and creamy much like ice cream, but unlike ice cream (at least none that have passed my lips), the cream is pearlescent . It has a gentle aloe fragrance and once water is added, it can be worked up into a really good soft lather.

I must say that I am surprised by this cleanser. It makes all sorts of skincare promises to brighten my skin with a gentle (non abrasive)exfoliation while maintaining moisture levels and after a few weeks use, I can happily report that it seems to be working. I enjoy the thorough clean that it provides, yes it takes a little more effort to wash all the suds off, but anything for a clean face!

The downside is that this is quite possibly the least shower friendly cleanser I have come across and I have to employ all sorts of odd acrobatics to prevent it turning into a sodden mess.

The Aloe Amino Acid Cleanser is supposed to be part of their limited edition Tea collection but I am still seeing plenty floating about in eBay.