Out with the old and in with the new

I am decidedly and unapologetically flirtatious when it comes to facial cleansers. Yes, I  do have some firm favourites that I do repurchase when my imagination cannot see beyond them on the shelf, and so it is that more often than not, I like to see what’s out there and try as much as I can.

Philosophy’s Purity is a cleanser that I do repurchase. I bought a larger bottle of the stuff and it lasted so long that I was beginning to doubt that I would ever see it empty. Now that it has, I’ve moved onto something new and very different.

\ Skinfood Lavender Tea Salt Mask Foam

Skinfood is a Korean brand that I am growing to like more and more with each product that I try and it is no wonder to me that the brand continue to grow in popularity. 

According Skinfood this is, “a foaming cleanser infused with lavender tea and Himalayan salt that helps moisturise the skin and wash away dirt and excess oil leaving the skin, soft and supple like a mask does”.

To my nose, this smells quite uniquely of a fresh bouquet of lavender and citrus with a hint of tea in the background and nothing at all like your granny’s abandoned 20 year old potpourri. The cleanser is thick and creamy with grains of salt throughout. The salt provides a welcome mild exfoliation and it quickly dissolves as the foam lathers. The cleanser rinses of cleanly and taking away daily dirt and grime off with it, leaving my skin feeling very soft and smooth and without any nasty residue. I am also particularly pleased that this doesn’t irritate the small patch of eczema that I have on my cheek.

I find that the Lavender Tea Salt Mask Foam does not remove a full face of makeup very well so separate cleanser is needed on these occasions (I am still using THIS

I bought this in UK from a shop that is sadly no longer operating and can now only find these on eBay. There are three variations in this mask foam collection:

  • Lavender Tea Salt – Moisturising
  • Lemon Tea Salt – Renewing
  • Green Tea Salt – Refreshing