| Markets | Encants Vells

If you like junk then you will like this place. 

If you find yourself in Barcelona and like junk, then I highly recommend a trip to Encants Vells.

The story of Encants Vells starts in around the 14th century making it one of the oldest markets in Europe. I have been told that the name owes it’s meaning to the time when the plague ran riot in Barcelona and the poor would resort to selling the property of the departed outside the city walls. 

Today, the market is alive with randomness. There are bargains to be had and haggling to be done for anything from furniture to clothes. I did make a few interesting purchases of my own but will surprise you with my finds at a later date!

There is talk of moving the market from it’s current location near the Placa d’Espanya to some super futuristic something or other which would be a pity.

Encats Vells is open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.