Black Haori & Pale Lace

One cold and rainy day, I found myself stumbling down a hill in the Japanese countryside with all the elegance of a crippled goat. Despite my reservations, I ended up having an extraordinary adventure. I also wound up in the most amazing little second hand shop where I bought a couple of vintage haori for the handsome sum of about £10.00 (for the pair).

Haori are essentially loose kimono-like jackets that are worn over kimono and were originally only worn by men till ladies took on the fashion of wearing them during the Meiji period.

Deeming kimono highly impractical for London life, I wear mine in most untraditional ways and often in odd pairings. On this particular day, it met my lace dress and a fab looking old bus!

Haori are so comfortable and lovely to have in the more amiable seasons. I look forward to seeking out more of these on my return visit to Japan.

| Dress was bought from a boutique in Brighton, UK | Vintage haori from a junk shop in Nara, Japan | Studded loafers from Matalan  | Sockettes and tights from Tabio UK | Bird print scarf Vintage