The Liberal (Mis)Use of Colour

I wear a lot of black. I have so many black clothes that my wardrobe looks like a cupboard full of shadows. Nonetheless I do have some colourful apparel and a frightening tendency to wear far more of them at a single time that is possibly polite. 

Many people in London veer away from bright garments in the colder months, opting for comfort in gloom. I am one such Londoner. Well, I am normally……

In spite of myself and more to the point, in spite of the weather and season I decided to wear a liberal conflict of colours on our Saturday walk. 

We came across a couple of irregular things, one being, what looks like a rusty old cupboard on a patch of grass.

Of course I tried to open it and of course the door was quite immovable. Perhaps it once held electrics of some sort. I’d rather imagine that it is actually a doorway to another place entirely and I just but to find the key to access this delightful deviation.

This was not the only odd thing we encountered…

High up in a tree, was this structure. I wonder if it is intended for birds. I wonder if the birds are confused by it. I know I am. It’s like a council estate for birds or perhaps a beehive for……….birds.

Very inventive.