I have a lemon on my face.

I acquired some of these Point Pads on my last visit to Japan. They were cheap, cute and nicely packaged so I was unable to talk myself out of this particular impulse buy.

These useful pads are saturated in a light but potent (not too gloopy) liquid jam-packed with moisture boosting properties such as vitamin E, collagen and hyaluronic acid. 

There are 10 6cm round pads in each resealable pack and they can be used anywhere. I use them on the central-heating induced dry patches on my face, arms and backs of my hands. They are lightly scented and come in a range of doughnut, flower or fruit varieties.

They work really well for me and they are great for travel too. I think I paid about 80p per pack in Japan and I wish I got more. That said, I have since spotted them on eBay for about £2.00 per pack so if you fancy giving them a whirl you can find them |HERE|