Gentle Pinks

Am I the only person that thinks that good gentle pink lipstick shades are underrated? Being a touch too dusky to be petal pink and too quiet to be a vivacious fuchsia, I suppose there are much more exciting pinks out there. Yet, I cant help but like the way that a gentle pink can brighten a complexion and bring a hint of elegance at the same time.

I am currently loving the Lavshuca Star Glow Rouge in RS-1.

How pretty is this packaging? Japanese drug store brands really make an effort with their presentation, which I find ever so tempting! 

RS- 1 is a medium-cool toned gentle pink with a an even and very pretty smattering of shimmer. It wears  have to say that this is a very comfortable lipstick on the lips. No annoying fragrance, creamy, moisturising and the shimmer is neither gritty, childish or irritating. In fact, the fine shimmer adds a glowy dimension to the lipstick which I think is rather dashy! 

I am growing to love Lavshuca lipsticks more with each one that I try. 

Excellent value in pretty packages and good enough to send some heavy price-tagged high-end lippies wailing into a corner. I have reviewed the Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge |HERE|

I have 3 favourite easy to wear gentle pinks in my collection” Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick #01, Lavshuca Star Glow Rouge #RS-1 and Rouge Bunny Rouge #Tounge Tickles.

The Lavshuca shade is duskier and less and more natural looking than the Suqqu or RBR lipsticks. Seeing them side by side like this one can really compare the level of shimmer in the RBR and Lavshuca.

>>>> In other news <<<<

I’ve been making more Liberty print and linen makeup pouches for my shop and my latest one is a composition using Liberty’s “Tatum” print. Tatum was produced in 1955 and was derived from a 1930’s design from the Liberty archives.

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