Wallowing in Milk

Number one hundred and eighteen and a half Shoreditch High Street is the home of the Milk Concept Boutique. Quaint in appearance and bright in colour, and formerly an 18th century clerk’s house, this is a treat for the eyes.

Although Milk purveys works by both internationally known designers, it also presents collections from emerging talents too.

Personally, my real pleasure of wallowing in Milk comes from taking time to marvel at their large collection of Fornasetti accessories. I am very fond of Fornasetti objects, they are an extravagant indulgence but they are things of beauty that add quirky diversion in our home.

My last visit to Milk was in the company of a precious friend who was visiting from Tokyo.  Being another fan of Fornasetti, I think he too was taken with the little shop of delights. The sales assistants are helpful and very happy to let visitors take their time in enjoying their array of items.

Though there are a great many things that I fancy buying,  I have yet to buy any thing in Milk. However, my friend bought this striking cushion. I was impressed when he took it aboard the plane as his designated flight cushion. How wonderful!

| Milk Concept Boutique |
118 1/2 Shoreditch High Street,
London, E1 6JN.