Primp + Prettify

If you follow my Fushigi Shop’s page on Facebook, then you will know that I like to dabble with immensely cute and girly photo decoration apps to create collage type pics. 
Such apps can be quite addictive and they also seem to have caught the attention of some of my followers as I have received (rather surprisingly), a few enquiries. So here for your hours of primping and prettifying procrastination are a few of my favourite iPhone apps:

\ Line Camera
Line is a nifty app that keeps me in touch with my friends in Japan. It is sort of like WhatsApp only miles better because it enables users to make free voice calls and it has a nighty little camera with a heap of decoration capabilities with neat stamps, filters and frames etc..

\ Snapee
Like Line this is a Japanese app but it is available in English language. It is a lot like Instagram only super kawaii in its set up. There are lots of frames, stamps and brushes free and many that you can either buy or exchange points for (the points can be earned by liking and posting photos).

\ Collage Day
This allows users to create scrapbook like collages on your phone and save them to upload elsewhere or print for your notebooks.

I print mine using the Polaroid Pogo printer via my iMac as it will not work via the iPhone…..sadly! These pics find their way to my diary, notebooks or recipe book.

Hope this post was helpful! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments box and I will do my best to get back to you.