Mellow + Masked

Hello! Have you noticed my new buttons? ↑↑↑↑ I fancied updating the blog’s design and so got rid of the page tabs because I prefer buttons. I hope that you like them too! 

Now back to Sunday laziness. Sunday is such a good day to dillydally in pyjamas, slip on a face mask and gently proceed with mellow domesticity.

Good friends can sneak photos of you even when you are at your most unpresentable. This photo was actually taken in Sicily a few years ago but it lends itself well to my mood for I wish it were warmer in London today.

\ Mandom Barrier Repair Baby Moist Lotion

The trouble with reality is that I am actually in London where the temperatures continue to plummet and the central heating rises. Both these are problematic for my skin and so I have turned to Mandom Beauty’s Barrier Repair Baby Moist Lotion.

Mandom is a Japanese brand and so the “lotion” is not the sort of lightweight moisturiser that you expect in western skincare. Japanese lotions are used to soften and prepare the skin for serums/treatments and moisurisers. The lotion is usually gently patted onto the skin using hands or cotton pads or by soaking compressed sheet masks in the lotion and then applying the mask onto the face.

I like the Mandom Beauty’s Barrier Repair Baby Moist Lotion as its mild paraben, fragrance. colorant and mineral oil free formula is super kind to my sensitive skin. It also absorbs into my skin quickly and effectively leaving my face feeling moist, fresh, soft and ready for my moisturiser. The lotion contains a nano hyaluronic acid that is apparently 100 times smaller than regular hyaluronic acid so capable of faster and more effective results.

I apply this lotion using compressed sheet masks. This is my preferred method of using most Japanese lotions. It does use more product but my skin feels much better for it. These masks are cheap and can be found in Muji in the UK (Here) though many brands such as Kose, Shiseido, Kanebo manufacture them too!

I am also a fan of Muji’s Dual Purpose Cotton Pads (here) which are great because they can be used as a regular cotton pad AND they peel apart so you can use them as a face mask (saturated with your chosen lotion) and stick them onto areas that you wish to target.

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 (“) (“) Have a lovely Sunday x