The Ghosts of The Victorian Heroic Dead

Little Britain was once a scrambling little district that housed buildings of splendour and dilapidation within its boundary. It is said that its network of narrow streets and courts were home to many apothecaries. I don’t know about you but my mind does some fantastical somersaults at the very thought of this!

Sadly today, Little Britain has been reduced to a single street and it is exceedingly mundane in appearance.

However, sitting silently beside it is the rather curious Postman’s Park.

Oddly quiet and unpopulated for a City Park even on a sunny day, this appears to be more of a throughway than a spot to sit and enjoy fine weather.

At the heart of the park is a memorial dedicated to “heroic self-sacrifice”, a tribute to past Londoners who gave up their lives to save another.

This is certainly one of London’s more peculiar parks with its assortment of  floral abundance and goldfish pond hemmed in with office blocks and gravestones. 

All this aside,  I find myself particularly moved by the Memorial which commemorates those ordinary people who died saving the lives of others and might otherwise have been forgotten. London has some wonderful gem’s to discover.