Old Favourites

I think most ladies have some tried and tested, loved and still adored make up favourites. Items that make us rush to scribble on our shopping lists once we hit pan, or have us buying in bulk “just in case”.

When it comes to eye makeup there are a few things that I find myself systematically repurchasing. 

\ Visée Glam Hunt Eyes G4

Purchased this and repurchased when I misplaced it. I just adore the dusty rose hues and I have not come across another palette quite like it. There is something sexy about the meeting of the words “smokey” and “rose” and somewhere in those thoughts is the reason for my persistent love of this palette.

I buy back-ups of this when I go to Japan but you can get hold of it via http://www.apopofkawaii.com/

The NARS eyeshadow base is also still holding on as a firm favourite |REVIEW HERE|.

The MUFE Aqua Eyes pencil is a lovely light beige pinky champagne shade that helps perk up my eyes when doodled on just below the water line. |REVIEW HERE|

It’s nice to try new make up but old favourites are always the best.