Ma Paw Hands

My hands have been taking a battering like never before and so I am back on my pursuit to find a perfect paw ointment.

\ Majolica Majorca Pantomine Hand Cream

Jolly seasonal no? This was an impulse buy in Japan, I was probably sucked in by the curious packaging once again. 

This is part of their Circus Ecstasy collection and the hand cream is scented with their Majoromantica fragrance which is a playful fruity/floral girly affair that I am not terribly fond of because it makes me smell like (heaven forbid) a girl! That aside, this is a  effective cream that takes a little longer than some creams to sink into the skin and though it does leave a slightly greasy film on the skin, I enjoy this barrier when I am out and about in the frosty air.

\ Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

I’ve been enjoying this much fabled (ahahahah get it?) hand balm with it’s refreshing aromatic fragrance. Scented with mandarin, rosemary and atlas cedarwood, it is distinctly unisex. My parched paws drink this up resulting in no greasiness so this is great for when I am working on making things. However, I do have a a couple of quibbles and the first is it’s packaging. Though the metal tube seems sturdy, the edges tend to break open at the bends and make a mucky fiasco. Really frustrating and I would expect better for a cream with an £18.00 price tag.

So there you have it. One for the road and one for the home. These are my current favourite hand creams. What are yours?