Friends of Worshipblues: The SRK

I fancy chucking another friend into the spotlight and today I am picking on The SRK.

The SRK is a creative studio creating tremors between the epicentres of London, Jakarta and Bangkok. They are most known for their series of addictive and super colourful STICKERBOMB books.

STICKERBOMB is the first collectable, fully peelable sticker book featuring illustration, graffiti and graphics. It is filled with an amazing collection of specially selected stickers by artists, illustrators and graffiti writers from around the world.

I don’t actually own a copy of this anymore. Twice have I bought it, and twice has it left me as an impromptu gift to friends caught leafing through the pages with a look of admiration. The appeal of sticker books is ageless and the opportunities such a book provides for a mischievous mind is quite endless.

The SRK has released 4 Stickerbomb books in this series:

Monsters: Released September 2012
Stickerbomb Letters: Released March 2012
Stickerbomb 2: Released April 2010
Stickerbomb: Released August 2008

Of all their books, I must say that my favourite one is RackGaki. An artfully produced book with a raw feel to it and dominating graphics.

RackGaki is an exploration into Japan’s relatively overlooked graffiti scene and documents the activities of the major artists.

The book contains interviews with the writers and divulges the authors’ own experiences in documenting the different aspects of this subculture, a real disclosure on an art form at the teeters on the cutting edge and which is often at odds with police and civic authorities.

I came to know one half of SRK about 9 years ago when he got roped into assisting Hiro and I carry an oversized frame through Dalston on a Saturday. Not an easy ask. However, like many Friends of Worshipblues, the ties of friendship go back much further. Ryo is part of our extended family and we take much pleasure and pride in watching The SRK grow and reach new heights.

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