Much ado about spooning…

I started my day with an plump o-nigiri (rice ball) suitably dusted with yukari (shiso rice seasoning). Homemade o-nigiri is extra delicious and besides, the purple smudges from the yukari please me.

On the subject of rice, I bought a new shamoji (rice paddle) to go with our lovely new rice cooker!

I particularly like this design because it stands up on its ownsome thus leaving my surfaces free of sticky rice. If you are in UK, you can buy this from|Twenty Twentyone|

On the subject of spoons, I have been picking up some rather interesting ones:

Quite a line up I think!

1st up is my little condiment spoon made of horn. This is a hand carved by the last hornworks in Britain. It is a natural alternative to plastic and will neither tarnish nor taint food. I really like the natural variances that make my little spoon unique.

Next up are my bone china spoons by Love Ceramics lovely for ladling or honey or other lovely things onto dry cereals.

These can be bought from |ARIA|

I had no idea that spoons could be as fun as they are useful!

>>> Meanwhile in my Fushigi Shop >>>

Many of my dearest customers, have much bemoaned the scarcity of a pretty lookin’ Oyster Card (travel card) holder here in Blightly. And so, to please your requestings my sewing machine has been whirring and humming a merry tune as I have been making this new collection of envelope cases for your consideration.