In which we chased his childhood memories and caught them…

I got to walk in Hiro’s childhood footsteps.

This is something that I have long wished to do in Tokyo and this time, we made it to the little corner of the vast metropolis that holds these precious memories.

The photos that we took here are treasures to us and so very personal. However, when we passed the old launderette, we couldn’t resist the chance of a quick photo shoot on the spur of the moment.

It’s a peculiar feeling to stumble into the childhood world of a partner. All those stories that I had heard and collected away in my heart started to unfurl and scamper before me and soon enough I could see the young Hiro running amuck down these streets.

P.S With Hiro being born in Japan and I in Africa, the odds of us meeting were never in our favour. 

\ Vintage denim shirt, Vintage leather jacket, black leggings from Topshop, Converse trainers, Bag from Oasis.

Photos taken by Hiro.