In which we came to be at the Silver Pavilion at sundown…

While in Kyoto, we chose to overlook the ostentatious Kinkakuji in favour of the sublime and in my opinion evermore harmonious Ginkakuji. We reached the temple grounds at sunset when the buildings were gathering shadows about themselves and cavorting with the remains of sunlight.

Ginkakuji was originally built as a palace around 1482 and it came to serve as a temple in 1490. The building’s dark exterior was once covered in black lacquer and I can only imagine how magnificent this would have looked by sunset or indeed moonlight. 

Having survived many earthquakes and fires,the main buildings sit stoically silent in their dark-wood splendour and I felt immediately at ease here. There is something about Ginkakuji that strikes at the heart of the elusive meaning of “wabi-sabi” and my own personal aesthetic of beauty which makes this my favourite temple in Kyoto.

Photos taken by Hiro and I using a Canon DSLR and an iPhone.