In which Madame Fushigi is introduced……

I have a new collection in my little Fushigi Shop to tell you about today. It is inspired by an odd woman who lurks in my workshop…….

Created from the playful muddling of the concept of a tie, these purposeful and delightfully appealing bandeaus can be used as elegant hair bands or to add a charming flourish to your bags, necks, wrists or even your furniture. Each and every one is handmade by me using some of the highest quality and most beautiful cotton print fabrics available. I’ve taken great pleasure and pride in using exceptionally fine Liberty Tana Lawn and superb traditional Japanese patterns. Each tie is 100% cotton and measures about 80cm long.

There is a peculiar woman that lurks in corners of the Fushigi Shop. She is industrious and determined in all she does. Thoroughly eccentric, she is often heard muttering to herself or seen exploding into a wild jig for no reason at all. We call her Madame Fushigi and she is never without a swishful adornment.

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