In which I must explain that it was not a fire….

Our train chased the setting sun. By the time we reached our destination on the shores of Lake Biwa, we were met with a alarming explosion of a blazing sunset the likes of which none of us had ever experienced before. It was magnificent. 

I assure you that this was not a fire and these photos have not been touched up.

That evening we faded into our private bath soaring over the distant city lights and the dark shadow of the lake. Rich in mineral content, the natural hot spring waters of the bath did much to alleviate our travellers aches and strains. 

Sleep came easy that night.

>>> In other news >>>

I watched a film called Departures recently. It is a Japanese film that explores a less understood profession. It bears so much heart, quiet humanity and other such delicacies and the music is just beautiful. The actor actually learned to play the cello for this solo: