In which I have many bits on the side…..

Dinner is the favourite meal in the House of Worshipblues. I suppose you could say that our dinners frequently consist of a selection of side dishes and rice.

Here are a few bits on the side that have filled our bellies recently. 

\エビマヨ – Prawn mayonnaise.
Our version of a Japanese favourite ebi-mayo. Made using edamame, fresh peas, garlic chives, fine beans and sugar snap peas.

\里芋の煮物 – Simmered eddoes and fine beans.
Simmered dishes are a regular feature on Japanese dining tables. This version simmers hearty veg in a stock of sake, shoyu, mirin and dashi topped with bonito flakes and toasted black sesame.

\しそつくね – Chicken meatballs in perilla.
Pan-fried, moist chicken meatballs made with spring onion and yukari then wrapped in perilla leaves. Perilla is often referred to as the Japanese basil. 

\いんげんとひき肉のみそいため – Stir fried beans  and pork mince in miso.
We like a lot of ginger at this time of year, it is warming and good for us so a good deal of the stuff, finely chopped goes into this dish. Miso is another common feature on our table.

We try to have 2 or three side dishes each meal of varying textures and complimentary flavours. This doesn’t always happen! The above dishes are quick and easy to make and they contain a lot of beans because our supermarket was doing a deal on them 🙂

>>> I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in recipes for such humble home cooking. If you would like to see some. Let me know and I will add them to this post for you.

Oh and Hiro bought us a Japanese style rice cooker at Duty Free in Japan!!

I can’t tell you how happy I am with it! I have wanted one for yonks and yonks but always held back as we would need to get a big ugly transformer thing due to the different voltage. However, this nifty bit of kit is made for UK voltages!! YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

The extra fabby fing about this so called “fuzzy” rice cooker is that it can be used to make other things such as cakes!