Fings What I Like #20

The detail of things can be inordinately important to us. When it comes to cutlery we regard things such as the weight of the fork in one’s hand as important as the look of it. The finish, the balance, the angles and shapes that they cast on a dinner table as well as the texture are all important to us. 

We like:

\ Steel Cutlery designed by Sori Yanagi in 1974 and made in Niigata, Japan.

These were a gift from an amazing friend and they are used everyday with much admiration and with each day of use they look ever more beautiful to us.

\ Artik Cutlery designed by Laura Partanen and Arto Kankkunen in 1997 for Iittala, Finland.

Pureness in design, clean lines, neat curves and wonderful balance in stainless steel.

All this may sound exceptionally pompous to some but to us, it’s just how we do things. Little things matter.