The Wonder-case of Curious Things

For my birthday, about a month ago now, I received a curious old briefcase from my dearest friends. It is a small, slender thing with a charming amount of age to it and I loved it instantly.

However, the wonderment of their extraordinary gift did not stop there! 

My heart skipped and thudded then effervesced into bubbling delight when I opened the case to find treasure after thoughtful curiosity tucked into each pocket and section.

An old pair of theatre glasses, a brass bell, abandoned photographs, strange picture games, an odd but significant button, a curious metal stamp and a plethora of jokers!! It must have taken ages to collect all these things. 

I collect jokers. Up until the day that I received this marvellous gift, I didn’t own very many at all. Now, I am a very proud and protective guardian of a fantastic if not slightly mysterious band of jokers. I shall be introducing them on the blog as time passes.

To find real friends that accept me with all my quirks, baggage, demons, ghosts, madness and worse is a rarity in itself. To find real friends that know me well enough to pick such things that speak to my heart is mind-blowingly, profoundly tremendous.I can never be thankful enough for the events that conspired to chuck us all on the same path! 

Thank you SS x 2!