So Many Things and More

As you can see, I am still finding distraction in packaging with bold graphics. Here are some of my recent likes:

\ Wakame rice seasoning, potato starch, toothpaste, matches and salt flakes.

Then it was time for tea!

Fauchon Paris, Thé Parfumé a la peche et Thym is a curious blend indeed. I wouldn’t naturally stick peach and thyme in the same teacup yet the very zingy oddness of it pleases me and it perks me up in the afternoons. Ingredients include black China tea, thyme and peach pieces.

Speaking of tea…….

I think these little leaf shaped mints are so lovely to look at. They taste good too. They are made by Sencha Naturals and are made with green tea.

\ In other news, The Fushigi Shop has been a busy busy little place recently. I’ve been working hard to prepare everything for tomorrow’s Fushigi time when the shop receives a great big update of new fings. The appointed time is: Fridays, 4pm HERE