Pretty In Case

The new Paul & Joe cases are wonderful, wonderful things for they provide those aesthetically pleased people, such as I, the means to dress their lipsticks up in lovely frocks. Well, sort of.

The cases are available for sale separately from the lipstick bullet. The exterior is cardboard and the base is reinforced with plastic.

The cases are limited edition and cost £5….I can imagine this causing some Pokemon-type “Gotta catch ’em all behaviour” from me. The lippy bullet is £12.00 which is quite reasonable I think, especially when you consider the cost of a  lesser pretty  looking MAC lipstick.

I chose the shade 306, Avenue Montaigne which is a gorgeous berry red. Much to my embarrassment, this seems notably similar to my recent Burberry procurement.

Avenue Montaigne is a pigmented creamy lipstick with a slightly glossy finish. It is not as moisturising as the Burberry’s Bright Plum but it is a comfortable wear nevertheless. Paul & Joe lipsticks are made in Japan and like most Japanese lipsticks this is fragrance free.

In terms of colour difference, Avenue Montaigne is more wine red and Bright Plum has a more violet pink hue. Both are lovely but no one needs both of these unless of course you are like me and have a habit of fixating on colours.