An Assortment of Things: Seed Beads

These little things, so easily overlooked have their origins some 40, 000 years ago. Who’d-a-thought-it! What I find most fascinating is the fact that archaeologists have found ancient beads in nearly every part of the human world. Beads were used for decoration and even as currency.

My own fixation with beads begun as with most things, began with my mum. She had a selection Japanese seed beads that she had purchased during her only trip to Japan. She would use them in her intricate embroidery and she treated them as though they were diamonds for it was impossible to find such things in Kenya in those days.

I was the original mischievous monkey and so these treasures where stashed away in some concealed part of her room. I never did find them.

I now have my own little collection of seed beads. However, I think that the memory of the beads being mums treasures has stuck to my heart and so I find myself easily captivated by the endless colours, textures and finishes. 

I like to work with Japanese seed beads in particular because of their colossal variety. It is estimated that there are around 900  different shades available in this type of bead. I can’t even begin to think of 900 different shades.

I highly recommend Toho, Matsuno and Miyuki beads for their high quality. 

\ If you too are a bead fanatic, do feel free to ask any questions that you may have in the comment box below. I will do my best to help!