A Rasperry Jam Smoocher!

I am really loving the new season’s berry jammy moody lip shades and so I was well chuffed when I noticed that I still had enough John Lewis vouchers to grab the Burberry Bright Plum Soft Satin Lipstick….score!!

There is much for me to swoon about over the pigmented deeply jammy raspberry shade so much so that I forget the 1st rule of beauty blogging! Thou shalt snap before thou indulges.

The formula is another thing that gives me cause to celebrate my purchase. Rich in pigment and moisture retaining capabilities yet still managing to be light and smooth.

The packaging is smart and tastefully sleek with a magnetic closing mechanism that give a very satisfying “snap” on closure.

If only this was fragrance free!! I am lamenting the floral sweet scent and damning it to the flowery hell from whence it came for if it weren’t there, this would be HG status. Sigh.

\In other news, you may be interested to know: