A Few Favourites

There are a few things that I have really enjoyed using lately these are now recommendable favourites of mine:

The items here are part of a real mixed bag of tricks both in their origins and purposes.

\Byredo Parfumes’ Sunday Cologne. 

A refreshing, bright, woody , aromatic scent that is most suitable for heat stricken sticky afternoons and evenings. This is my favourite cologne as it brings to mind gentlemen, in fine linen suits on safari sipping gin and tonic under the shade of a Jacaranda tree.

Available in Liberty, London

\Meiji Amino Collagen Powder

I am a great fan of Collagen supplements. I firmly believe that these have made a marked improvement not only on the outward appearance of my skin but also in my skin’s ability to heal itself. Meiji brand Collagen has been one of the best selling supplements in Japan it certainly impresses me. It is much easier to transport than bottled versions and far cheaper too. Furthermore, there is the added flexibility of having the option to mix it into a cold or hot drink.

Bought in Japan

\Baxter of California Under Eye Complex

So it is a men’s eye cream. These often turn out to be just as good and less pricey than the women’s stuff! Great for me because it is fragrance free, light and good at de-puffing.

Available in Liberty, London

\Rohto Hadalabo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Moisture Lotion.

A favourite of mine and the husband too. Hiro uses this as a daily light moisturiser during the warmer weather and I use it as a skin prep, toner type thing before applying moisturiser throughout the year to relieve the feeling of tightness after washing. It also comes in handy before applying full coverage foundations and BB creams as it helps it go on easier. A little goes a long way so the generous size lasts us months. Alcohol, fragrance and colorant free.

Available from Adam Beauty

Also pictured and enjoyed recently is the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser mentioned before HERE and the Maybelline 10 Hour Gloss Stain in Fresh Fuchsia.