The Process of Memory

The process of remembering things is such a perplexing/convoluted/quirky thing! I was convinced that I had forgotten how to knit! I was so certain of this that I was about to book myself in for a knitting class.

Then my path collided with the Loop yarn shop in Angel. 

I bought some bamboo needles and some yarn with the help of a very nice sales assistant and scarpered home to give it a go.

Armed with my thick needles and my chunky yarn, I was alarmed to find memories flooding back…..

It’s a strange thing to forget that you remember something.

Perhaps I had deposited the memories in my mental attic? My mother taught me to knit when I was about 7. She died a few years later and with her departure, my knitting needles were left forgotten.

I am extremely out of practice but I am glad that I remember the basics. There is something indescribably comforting in the recovery of my memories, the soft and squishy yarn and the warmth of the bamboo needles.

I hope to make something cosy for the colder seasons and I may even show you how it turns out!

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