That Scratchy Sound

I like taking notes with pencils because I like its impermanence, its smudgability and that associated scratchy sound! It sounds industrious, satisfying and determined all at the same time.

In my little collection I have the Palomino Blackwing. Supposedly the worlds most famous pencil giving an experience often referred to as black velvet or writing with butter.

The magic of pencils is the ability to erase it’s traces. Many rubbers fail miserably at the task and after a lifetime of searching I have settled with the Tombow Mono eraser. Supreme in the eradication of pencil with a bouncy satisfaction!

I store my pencils in an old nori (roasted seaweed) tin. 

Pencils also remind me of school. When they did things like handwriting practice before we were allowed to pick up our fountain pens. Goodness…I am giving away my age!