Tangerine Dream

I bought a staggeringly orange eyeliner under the influence of my fellow blogger \Strawberry Blonde. I have cut back dramatically on all my spending but allayed any guilt in this purchase by debating that I do not own anything vaguely similar to this! 

Lime Crime Uniliner in 6th Element is a punchy matte orange. The finish is a bit chalky but this doesn’t bother me. 

I must admit that I was a bit shocked at the titchy size of this liner but what it lacks in quantity it certainly makes up for in pigment.

Here is 6th Element applied with just one swipe. I like a bold line of colour and so this is not pigmented enough to provide enough colour in one swipe for me, but the super fine brush allows for easy application to retrace my steps.

6th Element works best for me when applied boldly and with some added definition provided by a black liquid liner. I use the K-Palette Micro Liner reviewed \HERE.

Vibrant liners are really doing it for me right now.