Sexy Black

I was completely seduced with the lacy presentation of the Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Blacks  mascara. Quite an appropriate name I think.

If you think the exterior makes you think of your bestest black knickers, then you probably won’t be too astounded to know that the mascara itself is much like a push-up bra for my lashes. My rather short rather straight lashes have met their match here as the mascara lengthens and volumises to near perfection with nearly no clumps.

The brush is of the slim and curvy type and the formula is relatively wet which I like as it achieves a long lasting glossy look.

I cannot fault the performance of this mascara and it is a whisper away from being my HG.

I bought a few of these in Berlin last year and I am glad that I did as these are not easily found. I remember them costing me about  €32 for a set that included the mascara, eye makeup remover and an eye cream.