As Summer Dies…….

.….I get a little bit excited. Gone is the frustrated anticipation of having a “good summer”, the nights crawl in quicker and with it sneaks in an exquisite and impalpable excitement of hesitant mystery.  I dislike cold weather and  the dimness of autumn in London makes me anxious, yet it is when my imagination and creativity blooms and grows like gnarly vines.

Autumn is the time when I remember my fear of the dark.

My sister Yona and I ventured a little way out of London to the Mayfields Lavender Fields. It was the final week of their visitor season and as we waded through dying shrubs we felt a provocative chill and a dampness in the air that is unmistakable of the change in season.

These photos are a joint effort and as we share many slightly dark ideas, it came together nicely I think.