Top Top Coats

If ever you get the chance to try a Japanese Gel top coat then jump to it! They are great. I would try to show you pictures of the lovely effect they have, but, all my attempts have been rendered futile and it is near impossible to capture a good likeness. So, you are just going to have to take my word for it…they are BRILLIANT!!

Gel top coats leave a super glossy finish and set with a jelly-like “plump” look. They work really well with my Fushigi Shop nail stickers, glittery nail varnishes and all polishes that I have tried them with.

These are my favourites.

\Left to right: Parado Glossy Gel Crystal and Plump, Kiss Me Nail Mente Top Coat, Esprique Gel on Top Coat.\

Some of these can be found on Adam Beauty. But, I sall try to get hold of some when next I visit Japan to add to the shop for those of you who are interested.