Gluttony Is My Favourite Sin

My brother-in-law is quite the authority on Japanese restaurants in London. He seems to know and have dined in most of them! He calls this pursuit “research”.

We recently ate at Tomoe on Marylebone Lane. The easily distinguishable star dish was the flash grilled razor clams dressed in garlic, tomato, ponzu and spring onion. We thoroughly enjoyed this dish and I think Hiro plans on doing his own interpretation soon.

Tomoe is a laid back Japanese restaurant with a 80’s feel. The menu is varied but small. The clientele is mainly Japanese yet it seems to disappoint many Western diners. Many of the dishes we tried were good enough (and others really rather feeble) but I think my boys can do better at home! I feel hideously fortunate and a bit cocky to be able to make such an exclamation.