Me as a Mod

Never in all the years that I have resided in UK have ever seen so many Union Jacks billowing in the breeze. Never. I think 2012 will be the year of the Union Jack……

My outfit is my personal homage to the Mod subculture of the 60’s. I fancy that I would have been mod had I lived back then. In the present, I plod about in my Fred Perry garments, oxblood red Dr Martens and shake my riddim-maker to Jamaican ska and rocksteady on 7″ vinyls.

Incidentally, do you like my new hair? I keep having it cut shorter and shorter. It is actually cut close on the sides, longer at the top and the back. I will get back to you with more photos of my “do” soon.

When I first trod on UK soil I had friends who were averse to the Union Jack. “There ain’t no black (or yellow) in the Union Jack”, was the common exclamation.

Today, I live in London. The most culturally diverse city in the world I am certain. Yesterday I learned that there are around 300 languages spoken here…THREE HUNDRED!! I don’t think there are that many countries on this planet. Alas, this year it seems that the rest of the world will be watching London, let them see that there is more to us than the Union Jack.

In other news >> I opened the FUSHIGI SHOP/ふしぎやさん today. Please do stop by and take a look!

Photos taken in Shoreditch by Hiro.
Hair was cut by Hiroko of Muku Hair.