Osusowake Means To Share

“Osusowake” is a wonderful Japanese word and concept. 

Its history lies in the sharing of things between friends. I think historically it commonly referred to the unused remnants of kimono fabric being given to a friend to make use of it. In it’s most basic translation, it is to share with others what has been given to you. 

These little Plum Blossoms were handmade by me out of fabric, that has been passed from friend to loved one to me to use for my little shop. They are full of heart and well wishes!

These are made of vintage Japanese crepe fabric, precious gold thread and Japanese glass beads. Due to the cut of the fabric and my irregular hand, each blossom is individual.

I have turned my little plum blossoms into hair pins here but I confess, I am planning on putting them to use in many different ways.