My Wonky Red Heart

I bought a lovely shirt in Japan. It is made of a white airy, light cotton and has the sweetest Peter Pan-like collar. Then, last week,I lost its top button. I suspect that the washing machine may have swallowed it.

So, went on a little mission to replace the lost white button with a red heart. 

I didn’t have to venture far in my search as I found some delightful red hearts in Ray Stitch.

The wonky red heart was just perfect for the job! It is made of painted ceramic and was imported from South Africa where is was hand-made and fairly traded before in landed in London.

I am pleased with the result. So pleased in fact, that I plan to replace future lost buttons with mismatched gems like this.

Where do you suppose lost buttons end up? I fancy that there is a huge mountain of the things somewhere in an abandoned Underground station.