Within Hidden Steeples

One morning, improbably early, a band of friends set out in search of long forgotten places.

Driving through distorted scenes, falling into the cracks of the past, seeking clues of worship that once was. We caught lingering prayers in our breath.

We interrupted a place where vines are a thriving loyal congregation. A place of Silent benediction in deep green and thorns. 

Next we arrived at a solitary place down a hidden path beyond green pastures. Bereft of it’s former furnishings, this is still an occasional place of worship.

Many forgotten churches evaded our footsteps. It may seem unlikely that such buildings are capable of hiding, but they must preserve their magic for exactly this purpose.

After being chucked off a royal estate where the most glamorous looking cattle plod about their lush pastures, we found our final stop and it was our favourite church of the three. Behind, it’s hidden entrance, silent vigil in decaying bricks and prospering creepers have created a work of inadvertent art. I think this would make a truly romantic and memorable wedding location. I may have mentioned this about 10 times to our currently unwed friend.

There are said to be around 150 lost/abandoned villages in the county of Norfolk. Though the reasons are often vague and varied, it is safe to assume that many have fallen under the plough. These solitary decaying churches are the final remnants of the forgotten villages.
There is something in the air of Norfolk. something unusual in the air. I will be back to explore much more.

I have purposely left the precise locations vague and the churches unnamed. They are not hard to find if you are determined. Don’t be upset with me, it’s all part of the adventure!

Hunter wellington boots//Vintage tweed breaks//Backpack jacket is Hiros from Japan//

Photo credits: HT, EZ + JZ

Big Thanks to JZ + EZ for the adventure. Thanks also to SS for your company in screaming. Thanks also to Hiro for your brilliance.