Some Pink

Pink makes me think! I am not even sure if I like pink all that much. I wouldn’t consider it as a shade to decorate my home with. I own nearly no pink garments. I suppose that it is that colour that I like to dislike but cannot help liking now and again.

Macarons in pink means sugar dusted strawberry or delicate cherry blossom flavours.

Ladurée recently teamed up with Hello Kitty to unleash a cacophony of kawaii into the world. I think this box is a keeper, though I shall probably stuff it with black things to temper the cuteness. 

The pink hues extend to well presented Italian cinnamon sweets, pink framed Fujifilm Instax photographs, Japanese masking tape and some make up.

Pink lipstick is another matter altogether. I am quite addicted to the delicate petal shades just as much as the bolder hues.

Teacups in pink are acceptable, they complement sweet things very well! The notepads are made with Japanese fabric and were a gift from Hiro’s baachan (grandmother). The earrings were recently made by me and will soon be found in my little shop.

Are you a fan of pink?