Fools for Christ

As London seems to have become quite the hotspot this year, 
I have been receiving far more emails enquiring about London’s
lesser sought side. I hope that my series of London posts continue 
to inspire a more offbeat exploration of this great city.

Whilst meandering through Dalston, I came across a curious 

How could I NOT venture down this path?

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary church.

But then, I met Ian who is also Gingernutt the clown.
But today he was my guide through the deceptively  simple 
collection of bits and bobs that still remain in the church 
as most of the collection is now housed in the clown museum 
in Wookey Hole.

I learned about Joseph Grimaldi, born in 1778 and 
regarded as the father of the modern day white face clown.

I learned that it is bad clown etiquette to copy another 
clown’s face and so clown faces are registered by painting 
a representation upon an egg. One egg for the museum and 
one for the clown. Today porcelain eggs are used but 
traditionally real eggs were the canvasses for the register. 

I learned some unexpected stories behind so many painted 

Some very touching. The fact that their profession involves 
making others laugh makes the tales all the more poignant and 
I left with a new understanding and respect for the clown.

Once a year the Holy Trinity Church hosts an international clown mass 
in memory of Grimaldi. Many many clowns arrive from across the globe 
and I hope to make it to the next one.

The church is open to the public on the 1st Friday of each month with 
2/3 clowns in normal attire that curate the little exhibition. 
If you are of a curious disposition (and not inflicted with Coulrophobia) 
I would highly recommend this if you have an hour to spare. 

Holy Trinity Church
Beechwood Road
E8 3DY
Beechwood Road
Beechwood Road