Eviction notices have been served to my single eyeshadows. For too long have they languished in my make up drawer. It is my fault really. I am the one that collects them then forgets them and leaves them neglected (and admittedly at times unused). Single shadows are more often than not packaged in a way that make them cumbersome to travel with and far too demanding to consider using in the mornings. And so it is with much conviction that I have decided to re-house these singles into a more sociable and cooperative environments.

It started with the arrival of Rouge Bunny Rouge’s eyeshadow refills adorned in their pretty paper jackets. 

The RBR refills are smaller than the traditional singles but I like this format much more, it saves on cost and packaging and saves me the bother of heating up the casings on my GHDs.

Solstice Halcyon was my first victim. It did crack along the perimeter a tad and though this did irritate me, I learned much from it and proceeded to de-pot the rest of my collection without further mishaps.

The key is patience, a good straightening iron – I use my GHDs and a good knife. The one above is an old one of Hiro’s mums that lost it’s nose some time ago making it a perfect tool for extracting the shadows with ease.

Next on my eviction list was my NARS shadows. Some grubby, some never used, all had to move into one place so that I may reach for them more often.

Here are some helpful hints for depotting NARS and RBR single eyeshadows using GHDs:

  • put down a couple of sheets of greaseproof paper onto the GHD plate before putting the single shadow onto it.
  • leave the shadow on the plate for 3 minutes. 
  • slide of the sticker and let it cool down a for a minute before slipping a sharp knife into the side crevices to loosen the shadow.
  • if the shadow doesn’t come loose easily, place it back onto the GHDs for a minute longer
  • it is a good idea to label the shadows either with a Sharpie or the extracted label.
  • use a good customisable palette. I use Unii palettes are they are easy to clean and have an excellent seal to prevent messy spillages.