Clear Waters in London

As Londoners we are all too accustomed to the mainly murky waters of the Thames. However, there are crystal clear waters that run through London in semi-secret. 

Discretely waiting just off St Pauls Road in Cannonbury lies an entrance to the easily unnoticed New River Walk.

The story of New River Walk begins way back in the 17th century when it began life as an aqueduct built to bring drinking water from the River Lea in Hertfordshire to North London.

What remains today is a narrow winding but delightfully picturesque walk alongside a shallow slow moving stream.

The magic of this place is probably down to it being so easily overlooked. The leafy, graceful green walk divides the once notorious Marquess housing estate, now known as the New River Estate and the the rather lovely Georgian houses with enviably large gardens.

This is an area made for strolling. There are many waterside walks in North London. However, this is a far cry from a “peaceful” walk in the sun along the Regents Canal path in Hackney where it is anything but relaxing. The the narrow path is shared with many many bicycles making it a gauntlet of shrieking bells.

This is a delightful and elegant part of inner city London with just enough fresh air and peace and quiet to really really relax.

I hope that you have enjoyed this edition of my lesser known London. I shall be back soon with some more noteworthy spots, but feel free to email me if you have any questions.